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Our Staff

  Meet our fantastic staff team.

Senior Leadership Team

  • Mr A Welch


    Mr Welch teaches part-time in Robin Class (Nursery/Reception). He also leads the Mathematics and Numeracy Area of Learning and Experience and is the Designated Safeguarding Lead.

  • Mr N Davies

    Assistant Headteacher

    Mr Davies teaches Kingfisher Class (Year 5/6) and he is our Additional Learning Leads Coordinator. He leads the Literacy, Language and Communication Area of Learning and Experience and is also our Deputy Designated Safeguarding Lead.

  • Miss S Cole

    Senior Teacher

    Miss Cole teaches Swan Class (Year 3/4). She also leads the Humanities Area of Learning and Experience.

Class Teachers

  • Mrs J Bowers


    Mrs Bowers teaches Barn Owl Class (Year 1/2). In addition, she leads the Health and Well-being Area of Learning and Experience.

  • Mrs S Roach


    Mrs Roach teaches Robin Class (Nursery/Reception). She also leads the Expressive Arts Area of Learning and Experience.

Support Staff

  • Mrs L Shatford


    Mrs Shatford runs the school office and carries out a wide range of administrative tasks, including taking phone calls, responding to and sending emails to parents, monitoring attendance and managing school finances.

  • Mrs D James

    Higher Level Teaching Assistant

    Mrs James supports pupils in Robin Class (Nursery/Reception). She also teaches in each class covering teachers' PPA sessions.

  • Mrs C Collings

    Learning Support Assistant; Lunchtime Supervisor

    Mrs Collings supports pupils in Robin Class (Nursery/Reception).

  • Miss H Lloyd

    Learning Support Assistant

    Miss Lloyd supports pupils in Robin Class (Nursery/Reception).

  • Mrs E Macken

    Learning Support Assistant; ELSA

    Mrs Macken supports pupils in Barn Owl Class (Year 1/2). She also supports pupils' emotional well-being in her role as ELSA.

  • Mrs W Davies

    Learning Support Assistant

    Mrs Davies supports pupils in Swan Class (Year 3/4) and Kingfisher Class (Year 5/6).

  • Mrs M John

    Playgroup Leader

  • Mrs A O'Leary

    Playgroup Assistant

  • Mrs A Williams


    Mrs Williams cooks delicious and nutritious meals for all pupils.

  • Mrs K Leach

    Kitchen Assistant

    Mrs Leach supports Mrs Williams in the school kitchen.

  • Miss R Edwards

    Breakfast Club and Lunchtime Supervisor; Cleaner

  • Mr D Phillips