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Our Vision and Values

Our Vision:

Sageston Community Primary School is a happy, safe and inclusive school, taking pride in being an integral part of our local community. 

We aspire to develop confident, resilient and ambitious learners who are well-prepared for each progressive step of their learning journey and their lives beyond education. 

Our curriculum aims to engage and challenge all pupils through a variety of exciting, relevant and inspiring learning experiences that are influenced and shaped by the views of our pupils.  We encourage our learners to be curious, expressive and independent in an environment in which they feel comfortable to take risks, knowing that we all learn from our mistakes. 

Our Values:

This table shows our twelve key values and when we will be focusing on them at different points throughout the year.

Autumn 1 Autumn 2
Respect and Friendship Self-belief and Kindness
Spring 1 Spring 2
Honesty and Confidence Responsibility and Teamwork
Summer 1 Summer 2
Politeness and Empathy Happiness and Resilience