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The wellbeing of the pupils at Sageston CP School is of the utmost importance to all the staff and Governors.  In order to ensure that we monitor pupil wellbeing effectively, we utilise a range of methods.  These allow us to regularly monitor pupils' wellbeing and provide support, if and when necessary.

Daily Check-Ins

Pupils are encouraged, through daily check-ins to give staff in their classes an indication of how they are feeling.  If their response is out-of-the-ordinary or a cause for concern, then staff will follow this up with the pupil and provide additional support if it is needed.

Pupil Attitudes to Self and School (PASS) Survey

Twice a year, pupils complete a survey which is designed to sensitively explore their social and emotional wellbeing.  Using the responses the pupils give during the survey, we can provide support and/or interventions for pupils whose answers may give cause for concern.


Motional is a suite of tools designed to measure, report on and positively impact on emotional health across the school.  Initially, staff complete information which helps measure the mental health and wellbeing of pupils.  Then, that data is used to identify and prioritise the mental health and wellbeing needs of pupils.  Staff then have access to a wealth of tailored individualised programmes of activities so they can address these identified and prioritised needs.

Emotional Literacy Support Assistant (ELSA)

Mrs Macken is trained as an ELSA within our school.  Where a pupil has identified and prioritised mental health or emotional wellbeing needs, Mrs Macken works with the pupil on a one-to-one level for a set period of time to help address these needs through the resources provided by the ELSA programme.